Kinimaka Ku'iluna

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» General Paddle Info.

Every paddle shaft by Hawaiian Paddle is made up of a lamination of 4 separate pieces of wood. Each paddle is made with a combination of Northwestern Poplar and exotic island wood; Koa, Monkey Pod and or Mango.

We can also custom make paddles with desired woods or aloha print laminated on the power face.

model » The FISH Tail
The Dove Tail

The Fish Tail is Leleo's personal design, an upgraded version of the dove tail. created for stability when needing to go from 0-50 without the blade wandering. It also benifits as fingers in the water when positioning for a wave. The Fish Tail blade is recommended in width of 7.75"

model » The KAI KANE
The B.C. Model

The Kai Kane. This paddle has less area on the power face for quick acceleration and easy manuverabilty in tight situations. This blade measures 16.5" x 8" but makes a great down wind blade when built at 8.25" for a higher stroke rate.

model » The Tahitian
The Tahitian Model

The Tahitian is a great all around blade style, a traditional template that suits both the cruiser and the surfer 17" x 8".

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